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What’s trending for HR’s? A attendance management system that’s non human touch contactless touchless attendance systems that can replace biometric attendance systems to contain the spread of coronavirus in office. A touchess attendance system would mean that HR’s and Human Resource department will be relaxed from the anxiety and panic attacks as they go out to find a touchless attendance system that’s made in India. 

The real question is what went wrong with the biometric attendance machines? Shall we blame coronavirus to suspend the biometric systems? Let me take you to a month back. It was march 6th 2020 when the news of suspension of biometric attendance machines in the offices of Delhi government broke out that forced all small, medium and large corporations to suspend biometric attendance machines. 

It does make sense to forget the biometric attendance system. Do you know biometric attendance systems are hotbeds for the spread of viruses and bacterias within a span of a few hours? Click here to read about it in more detail. 

Each and every problem has a solution. A touchless attendance management system or non human touch attendance system or contactless attendance systems is one and the same attendance management system developed by Indian Engineers and Indian Scientists to contain the spread of Coronavirus and all deadly viruses in your office. 

So what are you waiting for? Go and Buy the touchless attendance system now!