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Touchless attendance management systems are now one of the trending topics of discussion among employers and HR’s as they hunt to replace biometric attendance systems with touchless attendance management systems. The HR’s and Human resource departments went into a tizzy as the news of biometric attendance suspension broke out leading to an expected fear among employees. 

On March 6th 2020 the Government of NCT of Delhi announced that they have ordered the suspension of biometric machines in it’s offices due to the scare of spread of coronavirus from biometric attendance machines. Soon the Government of India and all state governments announced that they have ordered the suspension of attendance by biometric machines. 

That’s the trigger point for all private employers to suspend the biometric attendance system as the demand for similar measures was raised by employees across India. 

 Eventually the scare is logical. Virus spreads from infected surfaces. It takes one coronavirus infected employee to cough or sneeze and touch fingers to mark biometric attendance. We should actually be more careful about the spread of all types of virus in offices in general. Many research shows that bacterias and viruses spread fast in offices thus making them hot beds for spread of infection. 

Replace it with a touchless attendance system!

So, garbage your biometric attendance system for the sake of your health. Instead choose a better way of attendance management my dear HR’s and employers. Go for a non-human touch attendance management system, that’s entirely designed in India and made in India to ensure your attendance management system should be courteous to not spread virus in offices. 

To make workplace hygienic, healthier and more productive go for an infection proof non human touch contactless touchless attendance management system.