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Contactless attendance management systems have been in demand since the time coronavirus started spreading in offices due to biometric attendance systems. The world is extremely sad and living under fears of Coronavirus that has infected more than 19,00,000 and has taken the lives of more than 1,15,000 people across the globe at the time of writing this article. 10,000+ people are infected with Coronavirus in India alone. Coronavirus spread has alarmed government offices and private offices among companies leading to the highest level of escalation and leading to the suspension of biometric attendance systems. Majority of the workforce across India are working from home as the lockdown continues in India.

Have you ever wondered, how does Coronavirus spread? Well infected surfaces are the most common transmission method of the virus. Thus we should always avoid touching infected surfaces which are infected due to human touch. Hence, what if the biometric attendance system is infected? Can it spread infection in offices, and infect all the colleagues?

Tizzy Founder’s, CEO’s, HR’s and Admins are thriving to keep employees protected from Coronavirus leading to suspension of Biometric Attendance System. All small and medium companies followed the foot step show by government offices by suspending biometric attendance system in their offices to contain the spread of coronavirus. In Fact, the Govt. of India has suspended biometric attendance systems for the government employees. Many state governments like Delhi, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Manipur including the J&K administration suspended biometric attendance systems for their employees. 

An epidemiologist Rachel Grahan at University of North Carolina states that coronavirus has a lifespan of “few hours to few days”, however another study claims that coronavirus can stay upto 5 days at room temperature if the surface is plastic, ceramic and metal surfaces.  

Contactless attendance system or non human touch attendance system are now the favourite kid of every HR in India. HR’s are the nicest people on mother earth and of course they want to keep the office attendance system safe and hygienic and thus what’s the best attendance management system? Of Course the best attendance management systems are contactless non human touch attendance management systems and those entirely made in India. 

Contactless attendance systems are the best methodology that you can employ to make your office safe, secure and hygienic. Every life matters. If you are serious about containing the spread of infection in offices, toss the biometric attendance out of the window and deploy a non human touch attendance management system.