Touchless Facility Management

Covid-19 is back and this time in the shape and form of the Omicron variant resulting in the march of the workforce back in the confines of the homes. But how long can this go? Can we all keep on staying at home and not work from facilities? If this becomes the norm, what will happen to the lives of lakhs of people associated with the Facility Management Industry as well as Commercial Real Estate? What about भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्था?

You and I both know that any virus, bacteria spreads through the touch of infected human hands. It’s not only about corona virus but it is also about protecting tenants, employees and visitors from any future epidemic and pandemic. We all are vaccinated against coronavirus but do we have a vaccine that can protect our luxury facilities from losses that incur due to work from home on account of fear of spread of infection? We need to reduce human touch points at facilities so that tenants, employees and their visitors feel safer in सुरक्षित Facility वापसी. You know what? Reduction of human touch points at facilities is easy.

Why do I get a paper parking पर्ची at the time of parking my vehicle? Why is there a “Touch Screen” Visitor Management System at the Front Office? What is the point of a Fingerprint attendance machine and why would you need a Facial Recognition Machine that breaches the fundamental right to privacy? Why are there so many pen and paper checklists? You know you go to a facility and you can find more than 100+ touch points, every pen and paper checklist is a repetitive touch point. What do you think about the paper valet system? Champions are the ones who know exactly how to handle adversity and wind up the Victor. So let us work harder to reduce touch points and achieve the ambition of the touchless facility management system.