Upgrading Multi-tenant Commercial Office Spaces.

Multi-tenant commercial office space providers have the greatest responsibility to safeguard their Chowkidars, Admin teams and the employees of their commercial tenants. No one survives alone. Our technologies are upgrading the urban office lifestyle of multi-tenant office spaces because when admin teams, chowkidars work together they bring the best and carve an evironment free of discrimination. This is only possible if managers of multi-tenant facilities have the right tools and platforms that INCUBSENCE offers.

Bridge the gap.

When INCUBSENCE is at multi-tenant commercial facilities, Chowkidar only scan the visitors and rest INCUBSENCE takes care. Because if Chowkidar is occupied in training visitors on Visitor Management systems, a lot can go wrong. With INCUBSENCE everything goes the path of productivity and safety.

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Control the access.

With 20 plus offices in the same premise, possibility of intrusion is inevitable. Controlling every human interaction with dignity is what we at INCUBSENCE value. Hence with our technology unauthorized access is a thing of the past. Because INCUBSENCE give the power of technology to your chowkidars and administration teams unlike others.

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