Diksha Deo

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Diksha Deo is the Founder, CEO & Head of Software Engineering at INCUBSENCE and serves on its Board of Directors. She is a renowned technology and motivational speaker and has given 300+ talks and counting. 

Diksha Deo is awarded by Women Economic forum for Exceptional Women in Excellence award 2019. Diksha is a Mentor of Change, Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Ayog to transform young students into Entrepreneurial Adults. 

She leads the development of INCUBSENCE application & Infrastructure platforms, analytical decision model & algorithms. The responsibility of delivering the software in INCUBSENCE’s innovative products, including the user interface, applications and frameworks is on her team.

Diksha is a brain on INCUBSENCE’s efforts to minimize its impact on the environment by banning plastic on INCUBSENCE campus. She is also geared up for setting up a renewable energy roadmap on INCUBSENCE campus. She is ethically responsible for INCUBSENCE’s pledge policy programs for INCUBSENCE foundation.

Anuj Sharma

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Anuj Sharma is Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer at INCUBSENCE and serves on its Board of Directors. 

Anuj has been recognized by Canadian High Commission in India for his contribution to Canadian Institution as a student leader and as a student. Anuj is a Mentor of Change, Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Ayog.

Anuj leads IncubXS Hardware Engineering teams which are delivering breakthrough products. Anuj is also directing INCUBSENCE’s marketing team and is a key player in the development of strategic reseller and supplier relationships. Anuj also contributes to INCUBSENCE’s worldwide media relations and communications strategy, leading the public relations team as well as corporate events. He is leading INCUBSENCE's creatively talented group for Marketing Communications, for B2B-facing advertisements, internet presence, and package design.

Prior to joining INCUBSENCE, Anuj Headed Operations and Electronics team for multiple organizations based in Canada, San Francisco and China.

Himanshu Kumar

Chief Technology Officer, Hardware Technologies

Himanshu Kumar is INCUBSENCE’s CTO, Hardware Technologies and also serves as an executive member, reporting to Board of Directors. Himanshu leads the INCUBSENCE engineering teams which delivers breathtaking Indian products. He is a key contributor to most of the INCUBSENCE’s hardware and strongly contributes in all of INCUBSENCE’s products development line.

Himanshu is also building one of India's strongest and most innovative teams of silicon and technology engineers, overseeing breathtaking hardware technologies including Antennas, batteries, storage controllers, sensors, and other circuitaries across INCUBSENCE’s entire product line.

Kanika Sharma

Chief Technology Officer, Software Engineering

Kanika Sharma is INCUBSENCE’s Chief Technology Officer, Software Engineering, reporting directly to CEO Diksha Deo. Kanika Sharma is responsible for the development of INCUBSENCE Apps and WebApps. Her teams are accountable for delivering breakthrough softwares at the heart of INCUBSENCE's inspiring innovation, inclusive of tuser interface, applications, and frameworks.

Kanika Sharma is also responsible for Internet Software and Services. Kanika's team exceptionally build and solidify online services to meet the higher expectations of INCUBSENCE’s customers.

She also oversees Machine Learning and AI Strategy. She is at the helm of the strategies for machine learning and artificial intellengence across the company. She also looks for research and developement of core ML and core AI.  Kanika earned Bachelors of Technology from India.

Rameez Khan

Senior Vice President, Marketing Communications

Rameez Khan is INCUBSENCE’s Senior Vice President, Marketing Communications and also serves as an executive member, reporting to CEO Diksha Deo. As the Senior Vice President, Marketing Communications, Rameez’s creativity and vision bring to life INCUBSENCE’s services and products. 

Rameez leads a growing team that identifies, creates and produces content for consumer activations, red carpet premieres, live events, creative spaces, live content and hospitality spaces.
He also oversees content for social media, short-form content, photography, podcast production, streaming and live content, and post-production capabilities. 
Under Rameez’s leadership, the Events and Content team supports video production across INCUBSENCE Services such as IncubXSशक्ति, INCUBSENCE Pay to support INCUBSENCE’s business goals. Rameez as a passionate storyteller, drive a quick moving environment, and leads by example.

Dr. Dina Nath Deo

Chairman of the Board, PhD. & Former BHEL

Diksha Deo

Founder & CEO

Anuj Sharma

Co-Founder & COO