Making every event experiences as the best experience.

Event management providers have the utmost responsibility to make sure everything goes normal in any event. Speakers, delegates and staff together creates a hospitality environment that makes everyone happy. We have developed our platforms and devices to keep it simple for event managers, speakers and delegates.

Leave the lanyards.

The more lanyards, the more plastic and more deforestation. And that harms the environment even more. Where does the lanyards go after the event? Well dustbin! Totally waste of money. Now with INCUBSENCE, event managers get the right tools and communicate with speakers and delegates. Because only communication solves the problems.

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Cut the Clutter.

Major events involves a footfall of more than 500 delegates and speakers. Searching for those lanyards in a mess is a mess and a waste of time. INCUBSENCE products empowers your event managers, delegates and speakers to save time and get more done.

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