INCUBSENCE products are designed
to do insanely crazy things.
Privacy is a Fundamental Human Right.

Many of your personal information lives on your INCUBSENCE device and we understand the importance of keeping it private. The time you last clocked-in, to the message you sent, your clock-out time all is in the INCUBSENCE device.

INCUBSENCE products are designed to tightly zip the privacy. We empower you to share what you share and with whom. Beautiful experience shall never come on the price of breach of privacy and security. Our policies are to support you at all the levels. We know, your data do not belong to others.

You are allowed to access dashboards using 8 digit alphanumeric passcodes with a freedom of complexity to choose from. We periodically improve devices features, keeping your data secure and private. Sending a message to a friend, logging into the system, tapping on the device or any other experience with our technology, all the data is encrypted to keep everything private and secure. The data on our system is collected and general patterns are made for the purpose of analysis to enhance your INCUBSENCE product features while keeping your data secure.