Unleash the potential of HR's and Admins.

When it comes to managing an office, HR's and Admins are the ones who inspire us. It is their enthusiasm and human touch that every employee do the best. Here at INCUBSENCE, we developed technologies that empower every office HR and Admin to scale the business with infinite possibilities.

Engage Employees.

Everyday at work is worth in the growth of your business worldwide. Businesses only grow if employees are powered and inspired at workplaces. Communication between HR's, Admins and employees only happen when they have the right platform to collaborate and communicate with fun. Get your employees INCUBSENCE.

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Manage Attendance.

Business is a very high speed goal. Workforce with low morale pulls a business back. We understand the employee morals are boosted only and only if the attendance are managed in a better way. Boost morals of your HR's and Employees by granting a technology that we make your workplace a happy place. Get them INCUBSENCE.

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