Inclusion & Diversity

We All are in this together.

The true human potential and a better world are only shaped when everyone works in plurality. The greatest innovation in the history of mankind was made possible by the team of diverse people coming from different cultures, speaking multiple languages, belonging to different sex and races. Exclusivity only reduce the human potential, hence ALL IN!

INCUBSENCE is depended on our Woman workforce. By 2025, 50% of our workforce will be Woman. It is a time to include more women in the tech industry, in a male-dominated space. We understand, the talent we hire today represents our culture.

We are above, cast, creed and color. Vikas comes from a humble background in Bihar and he is so happy to work with the diverse team. He says, I believe, when people from different strata of the society sit and develop technology, only then you hit millions.

We are multigenerational, by the simple fact that, our youngest employee is 18 years of age, a school student and a 67 years old gentleman handles finance for the company.

We never ask candidates about their salary history as a part of our commitment to pay equity. Pay equity is the more fair decision. We pay women same as men when you factor in similar roles, markets, and performance. Employee Compensation is reviewed annually to the make necessary adjustment in the pay scale.

We believe no one shall ever be discriminated based on their gender identity or sexual orientation. We always encourage the LGBTQ community to submit the application for jobs. LGBTQ are human rights.

What it feels like to work at India's Fastest growing company INCUBSENCE

INCUBSENCE is a world in itself. After joining INCUBSENCE, I always feel that I am 5 years ahead in my life. INCUBSENCE encourages you to learn and adapt new skills with happiness and comfort. INCUBSENCE expose you to incredible skillsets, while respecting your dignity and personal life. - Vikas Ray, Business Development Associate


More than just a company, we want INCUBSENCE to be an incredible work environment. We’re not employees, We’re entrepreneurs- we want you to feel the same way.

Expect a lot of responsibility, a collaborative environment, and the opportunity to have a hand in many different aspects of the company’s development. We’re continually seeking new ways to better ourselves, through dance, fitness, nutrition, meditation, production, and music. We push ourselves to bring out our best, and that’s reflected in our work.

Your job will offer tangible means to self-improvement. Get ready to connect with our incredible team of mentors, and advisors- serial entrepreneurs, and world-famous hackers. All while working alongside a passionately driven team. You’re about to embark on an incredible journey. Make no mistake: you’ll be hustling harder than ever before. But when you love what you do, you don’t call it work. Welcome to INCUBSENCE.

Get Ready!

Job Openings!

We at INCUBSENCE® believes in equality, i.e. no salary discrimination. We believe passion & experience are like a joint venture between the company & the workforce. This is how we respect YOU!

  1. Salary- As per position(Check your interested position)
  2. Employee Equity- 0.1% to 1.8%.
  3. Working from India's most advanced Infrastructure, Worldmark, Aerocity, New Delhi.
  4. Free Meals, Snacks, Hot Beverages throughout the day.
  5. Human Wellness Allowance.
  6. Daily Public Transportation allowance.
  7. Family in your office time.
  8. Office timing: 8 AM - 4:30 PM.
  9. Weekly Off.

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