Amid Corona Virus, no biometric attendance at Govt. offices and hospitals

As a precautionary measure many govt. hospitals in Delhi and NCR has decided to stop the biometric attendance. Not only this Delh govt. has issued advisory to HoDs, autonomous bodies, municipal corporations to suspend biometric attendance.

31 people are detected with the deadly corona virus and many of them are admitted to a Govt. hospital in Delhi, all of this has CHRO, Admins, employees to think about suspesion of biometric attendance. Few latest information:

  • Two schools evacuated kids and closed doors after father of one of the kid in school was admitted to the hospital for Corona Virus. 
  • An Indian e-commerce paymet company had to shut shop for two days as they were informed about an eomployee detected with Corona Virus. 
  • One office in Hyderabad was shut after a female worker was found to be infected with Corona Virus. 

To kill Corona Virus we have to kill biometric attendance.  

Hence, let us throw away Biometric machines and look for alternatives such as INCUBSENCE®.