How to stop the spread of virus in your offices?- Must read for HR and CEO

In a matter of hours a virus can spread in your entire office and infect many of your employees. You know very well what's happening due to Coronavirus, many office employees in India were infected with Coronavirus forcing them to shut offices across India. Now, the lockdown to contain the spread of the Coronavirus has suspended the operations of many companies pan India. 

But all of us will go back to work once the lockdown is lifted. Would the offices be the same ever again? I sincerely hope people questioning each other and held responsible each other for hygiene because it is just not the responsibility of an HR and CEO but every office employee. 

How Coronavirus spreads?

Scientist believes the human to human transmission of virus through respiratory droplets of the infected person through coughing and sneezing. If any of the infected office surface is touched by the employee and then employee touch her / his face then the employee will become sick. Virus multiplies once consumed. 

The Coronavirus Prevention... 

Prevention is always better than cure. If you as an employee is feeling unwell or sick with cough and cold, then ask your HR and CEO to either allow you to Work from Home. You have to be responsible to not let infection spread from you to your colleague, who will infect more colleagues and will also bring back those viruses and bacterias. 

Whenever you touch biometric attendance system, wash your hands damn hands please. You should be responsible enough to deny Biometric attendance system and be clear to your HR to buy non human touch designed in India, made in India attendance system. Do you really want to catch infection from the entry point of your office? Think, Think, Think & Act...

Clean the Office & Disinfect your office

I repeat clean, clean and clean, disinfect, disinfect and disinfect your common areas, doorknobs, washrooms, desks, water coolers, coffee machines and throw that damn biometric attendance machine away. 

Clean keyboard, mouse, office chairs, cafeteria, Photocopy machines, mugs and every thing in the office with high grade chemicals. These are the most infected and contaminated in your offices. 

and remember next time you say the following, raise your hands and ask yourself what it can lead you into:

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Note: You can replace biometric machines by this.

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