Contactless Attendance Management System | Best Contactless Attendance Management System in India

Attendance management system is THE most important thing for HR managers. Any  attendance management system that supports the Human resource department is tracking the employees time and helping them calculate the payroll the right way. In the last two decades the manual check-in or you can say the paper based attendance management system has gone physical & digital. The attendance management system did boom in the biometric attendance system and surge in the RFID access control control system as the safety device to secure access.

However, the coronavirus and infection from Covid-19 has put serious concerns around safety of employees due to the use of Finger Biometric attendance systems as the most authentic way to register the attendance.  However, the biometric attendance system has been suspended by the likes of the Government of India, Govt. of NCT of Delhi, and all the state governments in India ordered the immediate suspension of biometric attendance machines for the purpose of attendance management system. 

Let’s first look at what an attendance management system is all about and then we will discuss the way to maintain hygiene while recording attendance in office without those boring Finger Biometric attendance systems and RFID access control system.

What is an Attendance Management System?


Attendance management system is the methodology to register the attendance or the presence and absence of employees including the break time, the time they check-in, the time they check-out and more. Many small and large businesses have been using either Biometric attendance systems or RFID access control systems which now have been suspended in most organizations in India. India is now moving forward towards a non human touch attendance management system designed in Delhi and Made in Manesar, India. 


Why to adopt a Contactless Attendance Management System?


At the end of every month the HR required to process the payroll and submit it to the finance department to release the salary of employees. To process and calculate the pay, the human resource department has to calculate the attendance and hence accuracy of attendance of every employee is THE MOST important thing.

Hence now we need to look at alternatives to touch based biometric attendance systems. I am talking to you about an attendance management system that is contactless, non human touch, corona proof and non infectious. Hence naming it as non human touch contactless no touch attendance management system. 

We have to look at the containment of viruses and bacterias in offices so our employees are less threatened by any infections and stay more productive. Disposing off biometric and RFID attendance systems in the garbage to sensitizing employees on hygiene to cleaning office tables are some of the measures informed by many leading experts. 

A contactless attendance management system that helps you contain the spread of virus is a must for your offices. One unhealthy and infected employee can spread infection in the entire office within the matter of a few hours. Time to switch to Made in Bharat non human touch contactless attendance system by INCUBSENCE