Finger Biometric Attendance Suspended in India- What is the replacement of Biometric attendance system?

Businesses in India are now suspending the use of biometric attendance system to stop the spread of coronavirus also known as covid-19. Central and State goverment and local authorities have advised businesses to suspend biometric attendance system as part of series of protocols, that majorly involve suspension of biometric attendance system and replace it with other technologies like IncubXS and IncubXS nanha.

Police Commitssionar in Hyderabad called upon IT head of approximately 200 corporations and informed them about the do's and don't of alongside a Standard Operating Procedure to help them tackle the situation if an employee is detected with coronavirus. Delhi govt advises HoDs, autonomous bodies, municipal corporations to suspend biometric attendance to curb the spread of coronavirus. 

Last month Delhi Govt Hospital Suspended Biometric Attendance over Employees' 'Unease' amid Coronavirus Threat. 

The business has to continue to function for the economy to stay pumped. Hence, now many CHRO's are moving forward with replacement of Biometric and are focusing upon non touch, highly reliable attendance system

We have been vocal on many fronts as to why biometric system are bad. Replace your biometric with INCUBSENCE.