How to prevent the spread of coronavirus in your office?

Total Coronavirus cases: 107, 691

Total Deaths: 3661

Recovered Cases: 60,992

Total cases in India: 39

So what can you do to prevent the spread of coronavirus in office?

Let us not spread panic even as the numbers are growing because panic won't help in anyways.

Let us stick to some basics.

Keeping the severity of the illness in mind, employers need to plan well in advance to prevent the spread of the fatal COVID-19 at the workplace and keep their employees safe.

Workstation Hygiene

When it comes to fighting coronavirus, stick to basics. Desks, laptops, mouse, stationery and telephones, should be cleaned regularly with a disinfectant.

Disposable Wipes

Employees should have disposable wipes, so commonly used surfaces like doorknobs, keyboards, remote controls, and chairs.

Carry Hand Rubs and Hand Sanitisers

Hand-washing with water and soap has no replacement, employers shall provide hand rubs to employees everywhere around the office and should be filled regularly.

Suspension of Biometric Attendance

Biometric attendance has a potential to spread corona virus. Government of India, Delhi govt. and many other govt. in India has suspended Biometric attendance and many businesses have followed their footstep and has suspended biometric attendance.


Replace biometric with non-touch attendance management system.

Communication is important

According to the World Health Organisation, communication and promotion of the message that people shall stay home if they have mild symptoms of COVID-19 so that they do not spread it to others.​​​​​​​