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No touch attendance system is back in discussion as the fear of spread of coronavirus has suspended the biometric attendance system in offices. The no touch attendance system has brought back the concept of health and hygiene on office round tables. Coronavirus has killed more than 100,000 human beings and the world has to go under lockdown to ensure less people are infected.

We need to understand the science behind the spread of viruses in offices. Leading researchers of the world have found that in the matter of a few hours the viruses can spread in the entire office, infecting employees. In a study it was revealed that Finger Biometric attendance is as dirty as your toilet flush. 

The virus is transmitted from an infected surface. If your biometric attendance machine is infected, you fingerprint for the attendance management the virus can transmit to your hands, thus if you touch your face, the virus will be transmitted to you. Hence, all government and private offices have suspended biometric attendance machines for the purpose of the attendance management.  

No touch attendance system made in India, or otherwise much known contactless attendance system is also known as non human touch attendance management system. Deployment of no touch attendance system would mean that any employee with virus or bacteria on hands won’t be able to transmit virus or bacterias onto the surface of your attendance management system. Thus helping HR’s and Human Resource department to contain the spread of virus in offices. 

So hurry up and purchase made in India no touch attendance system.