Facial Biometric Systems Discriminates Women

If you are a woman you have to particularly worry because the facial biometric system doesn’t work for women. Actually, it seems not to work well on dark skinned people, either. So it’s safe to call Facial biometric systems racist and discriminatory.

28 members of Congress in the US mostly people of color were identified as criminals when their pictures were matched with 25 thousand police mug shots. It is scary that such facial biometric systems that are deployed at offices would destroy the company culture. How would you make sure your face biometrics won’t discriminate between the particular workforce of a race or culture? Who gives the guarantee that it would not discriminate between men and women?


Are you comfortable in trading your privacy?


In 2018 in India a woman was stalked every 55 minutes. India reported 9438 cases of stalking in 2018. As a woman can you recall when your co-worker stalked you? You don’t expect a colleague to start following you from office to home often. In this chilling article, a working woman shares her horror on how her colleague from another department works on the same floor and started stalking her. This went to an extent that this same guy arranged her phone number! Really but is this surprising? Not really!

A 24 year old ex-coworker was arrested as he was harassing and following a 22 year old woman co-worker from office. Although this guy was terminated after the woman's complaint but post after termination this ex-coworker continued the stalking. This ex-coworker was always standing near the office in the morning and evening. In another unfortunate event, a woman was burnt alive by a former colleague in Hyderabad in 2017 who used to stalk her as reported by NDTV.



Facial recognition gives others control over your face. Isn’t that scary?


Facial Biometric systems are sold for the idea of non proxy attendance and more secure and safe. However, facial biometrics systems at office would mean your each and every move is being watched with your facial expressions. In the absence of data protection law, some questions are worth thinking about. What about the conclusion of you and your facial behaviour? With whom will your facial data be shared? Who can access your facial biometric data? 


Facial biometric systems fail in detecting women and people with dark skin.


In a biased society, discrimation is embedded into the facial biometric system. Thus access to your facial biometric data through facial biometric systems would mean invitation to discrimation at the workplace. Minorities, women and many underrepresented groups are vulnerable to discrimation as they do not produce enough data for the facial biometric system to train. Thus historically marginalised groups and women would face discrimination from a facial biometric system. 



Facial biometric systems at the workplace would mean a physiological factor


where in employees would think “I’m being watched”, “I have no idea of how my facial data will be used”. Thus lowering the moral of the employee down. 


Always remember you can reset your password but you can never reset your face.




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