Facial biometric system: Four reasons you should be worried about the technology

If you are not worried about the Facial Biometric system then think twice and be ready for the truth that I reveal and the facts I share with you in this article. Facial biometric system technology is spreading like fire and that’s why I am worried for you. A software that identifies you by comparing images of your faces against a database of records is in short a facial recognition system. This is in itself an intrusion of your privacy. Do you know how many women have been eve teased by the men? By facial recognition you are allowing eve teasing of more women. Are you sure women won’t be stalked?

This facial biometric attendance system has triggered a heated debate. Violation of Human rights and against natural justice in a democracy is the main concern expressed by leading technologies, activists, politicians, academics and even police forces.


No clear legal and / or regulatory framework

India and many countries have no specific legislation that regulates the use of facial biometric systems. Thus in the absence of any law, it creates a  loophole allowing the facial biometric manufacturers to abuse your facial data without your knowledge or consent and use your facial data in forms that you won’t like. 


Violation of your right to privacy

Privacy is a fundamental human right and it matters in offices and public spaces. Right to privacy safeguard you from unwarranted intrusion.  Facial biometric systems in offices and factories would mean you will be continuously monitored without you knowing it.

Denial for consent

Do you know how facial biometric systems are being used? Lack of detailed and specific information on what more facial biometric takes and how your facial data is being used is actually bad.  Thus you are not given an opportunity to consent. Thus you are denied of choice and control over the use of your own image. 



Facial biometric systems promise accurate identification. However, the algorithms are trained on racially biased data sets misidentifying people of colour, especially women of colour reported by many studies. It is a worrying factor as it could lead to unlawful arrests and it can also cause discrimination against women and people from minority ethnics backgrounds.



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