Employees Fooling Facial Biometric Systems

The controversial facial biometric system is not much liked by employees, it seems. Hacking, proxy attendance is on the rise with few basic DESI JUGAAD that employees are adopting to show their unhappiness with management and HR. If you are thinking to adopt facial biometrics so hold on, here are few simple tricks kids are employing:


Wearing a Mask



Just wear a mask and Facial recognition system won’t detect. Yes, although the Facial biometric system manufacturers are claiming that their facial biometric system works on a mask but it is a false claim. To show their dissent employees have started wearing masks to mark absence to show their displeasure for non installation of facial biometric systems. 


Majority of the workforce are unhappy with their facial data being monitored for facial biometric attendance systems.


Make Up




Your employees trick your facial biometric attendance system by simply extending the nose and chin. Employees have found this a useful trick, as they want to show the management how easy it is for an employee to actually fool the facial biometric system and mark absence even though someone is present.


Well, the clear indication is employees hate being watched all the time.







Alright! That’s how employees are marking proxy attendance. Sending their picture to their colleagues, and with just the photograph, absent employees are being marked present.





Photograph, make up and a mask either of them employed by employees to fool the facial biometric system. This is a world of proxy attendance and dissent at the workplace. So, employers, be aware! 




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How about your Phone becoming your access card? Your employee taps the phone on the attendance system or access control system entirely made by Indian Entrepreneur, Engineers and Scientist and access all the logs on a cloud dashboard.  Such a connected devices contactless attendance system makes your phone an access card eliminating plastic access cards as well as containing the spread of viruses in office on the other hand.


Purchase infection proof non-biometric contactless touchless attendance as well as non human touch contactless access control system that’s touchless for a hygienic, healthier and more productive workplace. Attendance system or access control system is the first point of contact for every employee. Thus stop the spread of virus at your office doorstep. 


As an HR choose a non human touch contactless touchless attendance system and non human touch contactless touchless access control system designed in India, Made in India by Indians.