Contactless Attendance System Made in India by INCUBSENCE

Contactless attendance systems have been in trend with more and more Human Resource departments looking to replace biometric attendance systems. But why would the biometric attendance system be replaced by a contactless attendance system. All public and private offices have suspended the Biometric attendance system to stop the spread of coronavirus. Offices are the hotbeds for infection. Viruses and bacteria spread in an office environment quickly, thus infecting the entire office within a few hours. To stop the spread of virus and bacteria employers are asking for deployment of contactless attendance systems.

The Contactless Attendance System


Your biometric system if infected can infect you without you realizing. Virus spreads through the infected surface. To maintain office hygiene you have to employ a contactless attendance system. Such a contactless attendance system will ensure employee safety and will improve office productivity.


At INCUBSENCE, Forget biometric. HR’s and employers are now deploying a contactless non-human touch made in India attendance system as well as contactless non-human touch made in India access control system as a precautionary step to stop the spread of virus and bacterias in office. How about your Phone becoming your access card? Your employee taps the phone on the attendance system or access control system entirely made by Indian Entrepreneur, Engineers and Scientist and access all the logs on a cloud dashboard. 

Such a connected devices contactless attendance system makes your phone an access card eliminating plastic access cards as well as containing the spread of viruses in office on the other hand.

Purchase infection proof non-biometric contactless touchless attendance as well as non human touch contactless access control system that’s touchless for a hygienic, healthier and more productive workplace. Attendance system or access control system is the first point of contact for every employee. Thus stop the spread of virus at your office doorstep. 

As an HR choose a non human touch contactless touchless attendance system and non human touch contactless touchless access control system designed in India, Made in India by Indians.