Yes, we are, we are funded by Patience, Blood and Soul

Just yesterday, our Founder & CEO Diksha Deo, received a message asking if INCUBSENCE is funded? This is really incredible that funding is seen as success. 

How easily we think, that if you are funded, you are a company that is flourishing and prospering. But let me tell you one thing, either you make a company that raises funds or make a money making business model. 

Why not celebrate the acquisition of clients? Why not party client retention? Have you ever wondered why your keep hearing XXXX raised 100 million USD from so and so? Have you thought why you always keep hearing and reading about fund raising with #FundingAlert? 


Well, let me tell you a secret. 


As a CEO or Startup Founder, a business model that raising money won't guarantee success. But, if your business model make money, then you are the Next Super Hero my friend. Congratulations that you raised $$$$ funds. And I know you and the entire ecosystem is celebrating with you and I am really happy for you. 

I only learnt one thing from my experience, the day you borrowed money, that day is the most miserable day of your life. Simply, if you are not killing the debt, slowly the debt kills you. The entire culture of fund raising is so silly. Most of my friend are so excited and but unfortunately, this entire culture is so shocking to me. 

Rather as a Founder/CEO of a company, can you make profits? Because ultimately you are running a business, and business runs on making money.  What is money? It is your product and the services that you give to customers. Do think, if your customer is unhappy with your product, can you make him happy with your service, by improving your product? 


Next time, celebrate making money. 


INCUBSENCE, has never raised funds. We are proud to be a company, that focuses on customers. Because, if customers pay customers are served, investors pay investors are served. 

Note: This article is a personal view of the writer. It do not represents the views of INCUBSENCE. We are not against the culture of fund raising but excess of anything is bad. 




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