Working from home? 3 Work From Home Mistakes that you should avoid- INCUBSENCE

Working from couch or bed

No relaxation zone is the mantra that you should follow. I mean you would lucky to not be lazy while you are working form a couch or bed. Beds and Couches are meant to relax. 

I always stress on a designated desk to work from home. Invest in an ergonomically designed work office setup that would boost your productivity. 

Working in Pyjamas

The most productive people working from the home, won't work straight after waking up while still being in the pyjamas. They would wake up, freshen up, get the breakfast done and then dress up while they would normally do like going to the office. 

It sounds interesting to not to be judged while you are working in your pyjamas but you ain't be productive. According to the research from Northwestern University employees, no matter what profession they’re in, perform tasks better when they wear clothes that have “symbolic meaning.”

So be well groomed before you take up your laptop next time. 

No Planning and Structuring 

While you work from home, a lot of distraction is expected be it your kid want to play, you mom want you to get veggies from the market or your partner wanting to spend some time with you. Hence, not structuring you day would mean that you won't be accepted in your professional network. So structure your work day and pre or / and post work day to balance it with your life.

These are 3 work-from-home mistakes to avoid. Work from home is ideally a win-win for both employees and employers, if we avoid above mistakes. Employees do not have to commute, and get flexy working style and employers do not have to pay for the property and thus can hiring more talent.