Work from Home: 5 Tips to Work from Home

Work from Home or work from a remote location is so fancy and thrilling. Now I am sure you happy that you don't have to stuck in traffic and now you could wear your payjamas that you bought last week. You are probably thinking to work from home while you are on your bed and you have alreaddy planned that first day will be a day to take large breaks. This Corona virus has locked everyone at home, but your boss will call you to check on your achieved targets.

Hence, work from home is not to slack. You have clients, you have deliverables and you are accountable. What works for one worker might not work for the other. So what tips you follow to effectively work from home? I am sharing 7 tips to work from home with efficiency that would make you more productive.

  1. Don't have kids around
  2. Dress like you are in office
  3. Get yourself a desk and a chair
  4. Fix your working hours
  5. Designate your office 
  6. Communicate more & more
  7. Work Out daily

Remember you have a team to answer, so work more hard, more hard. Show how work from home is done. Your work represent you.