Why to Restructure workplace post pandemic: Surakshit Office Wapsi

2020 saw a major shift in the working culture of Indian companies, when Coronavirus induced lockdown forced all companies to adopt 100% Work From Home as a temporary measure- an unprecedented move in the history of modern work culture. Almost all the industries had to lock offices and send employees home. What perceived to be a temporary measure became a habit of more than one year and six months. 

Few months into this new “wave” of “Work from Home”, some companies announced that their workers will “never ever” have to return सुरक्षित Office वापसी and they can permanently be remote. However, fast forward to a few months into the announcement, employees felt fatigued from “video conferencing” and there was a sudden surge in the number of cyber attacks on the laptops of the workers working from home causing a leak of confidential information of the companies. 

2021 started with good news of offices preparing for a सुरक्षित Office वापसीs as early as April 2021 but soon India was caught by the second wave of CoronaVirus, pausing the safe return for a while. However, mass vaccination, hand hygiene, social distancing and mask-up are four tools that have again fired up the discussion on safe office return. CEO’s are directing HR and Facility Managers to team up and work on the safe office return as early as August 2021. 

The success of ‘सुरक्षित Office वापसी’ without the spread of infection is a dependable factor and the victor is the one who will clearly communicate to the employees the benefit of traditional offices along with ‘सुरक्षित Office वापसी’ toolkit.