Why as a business you need to invest in a Made in India Contactless attendance system?

A month back HR went into a tizzy but who is responsible for the nerve wrecking situation? The Coronavirus is to be blamed, well that’s right. A virus can infect the entire office within a matter of a few hours. Viruses spread through human touch, thus the touch on a biometric attendance machine could lead to spread of infections. So what should we do now? Do we have an alternative to a biometric attendance system? Looking at the current Covid-19 situation and the expecting the lockdown to end, once normalcy resumes, we have to look for a contactless attendance system. 


“Turn On” Contactless Attendance System


You have been told to switch to Facial Biometric Attendance system. Who is telling you that Facial Recognition is safe and secure? They are the same people who told you that the Finger biometric attendance machine is the best attendance management system but this was far from the truth. Coronavirus told us that the Finger Biometric machine has the potential to spread infection.


Is Facial Biometric Attendance System safe and secure?

Well, not really. San Francisco, the silicon valley of the world is the first city to ban Facial Recognition technology. The EU had considered in 2019 to ban Facial Recognition technology for upto 5 years. Last year a million Facial biometric and finger biometric data were exposed to data breach in the United Kingdom. The growing concern is that you can not reset your face if your face biometric is stolen but a password can be reset anytime you wish.  You can do proxy via your face. Just ask your colleague to click your Photograph and show that picture to the biometric reader. 

The Indian Innovation Movement


Forget biometric. HR’s and employers are now deploying a contactless non-human touch made in India attendance system as well as contactless non-human touch made in India access control system as a precautionary step to stop the spread of virus and bacterias in office. How about your Phone becoming your access card? Your employee taps the phone on the attendance system or access control system entirely made by Indian Entrepreneur, Engineers and Scientist and access all the logs on a cloud dashboard.  Such a connected devices non touch attendance system makes your phone an access card eliminating plastic access cards as well as containing the spread of viruses in office on the other hand.

Purchase infection proof non-biometric contactless touchless attendance as well as non-human touch contactless access control system that’s touchless for a hygienic, healthier and more productive workplace. Attendance system or access control system is the first point of contact for every employee. Thus stop the spread of virus at your office doorstep. As an HR choose a non human touch contactless touchless attendance system and non human touch contactless touchless access control system designed in India, Made in India by Indians.