What are the top tips to help you overcome stress due to quarantine?- INCUBSENCE

Quarantine and lockdown has taken a toll on your health and it becomes difficult to cope up with Work from home. But what tips and trics shall be followed? If you follow the below you will be much saner during quarantine. 

  • Creative Cooking 

I know it is a tough time for you when it is a lockdown getting veggies is a good task. However, cooking something creative makes you happy and more productive, I bet you try that!

  • Dance

Dance reduces anxiety and alleviates your well being and keep you fit.

  • Some Yoga 

Yes, Ramdev is right, योगा से ही होगा। Hence take Yoga and be more fitter and healthier.

  • Connect with your loved ones 

Don't forget Physical distancing is being promoted not online distancing. Connect with your lover, or favourite colleagues or parents in another city to cheer yourself and them up!

  • Some Old Family Photos 

Who don't love going down the memory lane? It's the time for you to go over the old photos that makes you nostalgic. 

  • Be an artist

Creativity at the core, that's the mantra to keep your wellbeing under control. Draw something, literally anything that comes to your mind.

  • Some Family Games

Play शतरंज with your Mummy and Papa or if you have kids around occupy yourself with them, this get you come out of the anxiety.

  • Workout 

I know you have put 5-10 kgs over those 3 months of continuous work. But, hey since you are at home, why not set up a work out routine and target the outcome of the workout? Come on, health is wealth.

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