Visitor Management System launched | Luxury and More by INCUBSENCE

Welcome note by INCUBSENCE Co-Founder and COO Anuj Sharma.

Date: February 16th, 2019 Place: Taj Palace, New Delhi, India

Our Founder Diksha Deo revealing the best-in class visitor management system for visitors to check-in quickly.

INCUBSENCE IncubXS allow a visitor to tap phone onto IncubXS device to Check-In for a luxurious visitor management experience.

IncubXS is them most luxurious visitor management system for premium real estate.

Delhi, India - INCUBSENCE has recreated the future of visitor management focusing on premium realtors and facility management companies. This is a new home for everyone tired of App/Tab/Cloud based visitor management systems like those employed in many muti-tenant facilities.

IncubXS has been carefully designed so that a visitor check-in to a facility by tapping his/her phone on the IncubXS device. As a facility management company or a Real Estate firm, INCUBSENCE also gives you dashboard with features inclusive of Artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

“As a company, we understand that the data privacy is a fundamental human right. We spoke to many key stakeholder of visitors data. chowkidars, Facility managers, Hub Managers and in fact the visitors were unhappy that their data is stored or is processed through data centres based in foreign lands. Any breach of data can be horrific, as we have seen in the past few months. Hence, we today launched a whole new revolution in the real estate industry. ”- Said Diksha Deo, Founder and CEO of INCUBSENCE.

“We just can’t wait and are more thrilled to announce that IncubXS will take only 1 second of your life to allow access to any facility with IncubXS device.”- Adds Diksha Deo.

“It works like this! a visitor be it an employee or a new visitor downloads an application from the App store, store his information on IncubXS App and tap his phone on IncubXS Device and all the visitor data can be easily retrieved by the admin on the personalized IncubXSशक्ति dashboard. ”

It is an upgrade to your urban office lifestyle. Book IncubXS device and dashboard now to avail the best offers in the town.

IncubXS is the most advanced visitor management system for Coworking Spaces, Multi-Tenant Facilities, Corporate Offices, Schools and Universities.