Top HR trends that will reshape every HR department

We are now in 2020 and the next 10 years will have reinventing the way HR department functioned until now. Hence we decided to put together top trends in HR that will become the talking point in every HR department and every HR meeting: So let’s learn the best HR trends! In total I am sharing top trends that Human Resources business professionals, Hiring Managers, and Global HR leaders will be talked about in 10 years. In the age of rapidly expanding economy and empathy the new way to lead Human Resource, as an HR you should know about these trends to navigate your teams into some incredible winners.

Flexible Working Hours: Flexible work hours for employees is in trends for a couple of years. This trend will be reshaped as employees will ask HR to hold employees accountable for their work more than the time they came in and went out. Since, now employees come from Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities that resulted in the myriad nuclear families, HR will keep on getting requests for more personalised Flexible working hours so that employees can balance their work life and family life. So now HR needs to pay more attention to flexible working hours. 

No more 9 to 5: 9 to 5 was a usual point of discussion in HR departments among HR’s, Hiring Managers, Talent recruiters some 10 years ago. With independence of work in demand, millenials will prefer freelance and short term contracts giving them flexibility, freedom and more exposure in terms of work. 

Remote work becomes more remote: Workforce and Employee diversity will dominate due to globalization, multi-content offices and due to the speed of the internet. Remote work also helps HR to reduce the cost on company. By 2030 you would be collaborating with coworkers in more than 20 time zones.

HR Chatbots: Customer Service, IT management, Food delivery wildly employee Chatbots. By 2030 HR will employ Chatbots to on-board employees, and assist employees with questions or concerns regarding payslips, compensation, and/or anything that an HR deem fit. Such Chat bots will reduce the burden on HR and thus will boost productivity of employees and HR leading to a better culture within the organization. Chatbots will ultimately make businesses more profitable. 


Data-Driven HR: HR usually has a large amount of data about things like resume, recruitment profiling, salary slips, employee attendance, employee leaves and KPI’s. Analysis of data intelligently can accurately predict decisions on hirings and promotions without prejudice. Thus HR will now suffer less with confusion on data ultimately making an HR more productive and the workplace smarter. 


Connected Offices and Automation: Much of the process in the HR department by 2030 will be driven by connected offices and automation via IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data. Employees easily bypass the Biometric Attendance Management System and RFID access control system thus always leading to unpredictable and wrong results, lowering productivity of HR leading to more work in HR departments. The best option for HR business professionals is to move forward with more advanced technologies that give seamless results.

Performance Management: Hey Payal, you have completed 1 year in the organization, let us sit for an annual performance review. The annual performance review was carried out with due diligence and of course these usually bored the HR and the employee.

These will never be a norm. 

With the change in the business requirements and the surge in speed and productivity, HR are now more vigilant in reviewing performance as and when required. That means the days of HR and Employee sitting on annual performance will be completely eradicated by 2030.

Shrinking HR Teams: This will never happen. With automation HR now have to be reskilled and HR job loss will not happen. Any automation will reduce the human error, it will assist the HR. Automation will never lead to unemployment of HR rather HR will be more a technology job then manual.

HR becomes the strategy: In the upcoming days every CEO, and COO will give a chair in the meeting to the HR to involve them in strategizing and their understanding on human psychology when it comes to expanding into market and increase profitability. So HR will become the next most sought after job in any company.

Smartphones, Laptops & Desktops: Smartphones and Laptops have already revolutionized the computing world. Punching attendance via in accurate biometric or easily cloned RFID card systems will be completely eliminated and HR will move to punching attendance via tap of the phones. This will give HR accurate results.

People Build Brand. Brand leverage People: Social Media has reduced a gap between people and now anyone can become a brand with more and more people becoming an “overnight Success” in the social media. Hence HR will look after the individuals or Social media stars who became the Brand to leverage their following in making the HR department and organizations a brand.