Top HR Trends in 2020 – Reinventing the Future Workspace

HR will make the HR department more technically advanced and automated. Automation will boost the overall performance and functioning of HR. Skills in HR will also include the knowledge of leveraging IoT, AI, ML and Big Data. The decision making model in the HR department will surge the growth of HR thus saving a lot of cost to the company and reducing the overall burden on HR, so productivity of an HR can increase. As we moved into 2020, this years will have HR and HR department completely revamped. That's the exact reason that we put together for HR and HR Business Professionals, so all HR are upto date and bring the change that HR deserves.

These are some top 5 HR trends for Human Resources business professionals, Hiring Managers, and Global HR leaders will be talked about in 10 years. In the age of rapidly expanding economy and empathy the new way to lead Human Resource, as an HR you should know about these trends to navigate your teams into some incredible winners.

Dumb building to smart workplace

The mundane buildings are now being reinvented into smart and intelligent with innovation that involves an ecosystem of IoT, AI, ML and Big data. In the intelligent and smartest workspace of tomorrow, everything at the workplace is connected, human and personalised. The evolution and transformation of workplace as the smart workspace is due to a number of different facts that includes employee engagement, enhancement of productivity, and to reinvent the workplace. AI, ML and Big Data has been credited for the workspace of tomorrow but often undermined are connected devices that means an ecosystem where a Hardware speaks with the software and provides you with analytics and helps you with more intelligent decision making on the cloud.

Hence it is the ecosystem of Connected devices that plays with AI is the real game that makes a workplace a winning place. In simple words, is your Access controls speaking with each other? Your answer would be no. Hence now Hardware is in romance with software to make your workspace the best space. According to Gartner, in 2018, 45% of the fastest growing companies in the world employed more smart machines and virtual assistants than people.


Artificial Intelligence in Hiring

In 10 year that’s 2030, a hardware device that communicates directly with the software providing  AI-driven solutions reinvent the entire HR process across industries including Insurance, Coworking, Real estate, Banking, manufacturing units, and more. Such an extensive technology will have a lot of advantage.

Saving Time:

An automated assistant that we all know are Chatbots. These are unconventional till now in HR but in 10 years would change every HR department to help HR save cost, time and money. As chatbots will answer FAQ automatically to the candidates.

Faster candidate screening

Screening a large pool of applicants usually eats up a lot of time of an HR thus becoming a complex and frustrating task. However automated decision models will assist HR to filter resumes and pre-screen candidates based on the Job description and skills. Thus the HR department will move towards an unbiased approach in hiring decisions.

Quality hiring

Since AI, ML decision model will help HR in unbiased screening,the quality of hires will become better and organizations would employ more productive employees in the next 10 years.

Data Analytics Transforming HR

Analysis of Data will be an every adopting model for HR departments to make decisions better for HR.  HR professionals can attract and retain best talent with automated data decision models, Technology will boost HR with infinite possibilities in identifying trends and patterns on employee productivity, employee attendance, leave frequency, and employee performance KPIs. Data analytics with a good decision model will change the HR department forever.

Employee Experience Platforms

In today’s era employees expect good pay, happy workplace and a lot more. Employees nowadays never hesitate to talk about the bosses, the company culture, their issues, work policies, compensation, opportunities of growth and more. Many employees go and write with or without prejudice on social platforms hampering the reputation of the company. Thus talking to employees and providing them a platform where they can directly speak with company management is the suggestion that now many HR leaders in India and abroad speak about. Hence, in 2020 companies will shift to a platform that will give employees an experience to speak about their grievances so all grievances can be spoken with the management. 

Such an employee experience platform will help employees to have more faith, fairness and trust in the company.

Automation in HR tasks

Automation will no longer be restricted to production in the manufacturing units, rather this is the future of HR. The biggest change in HR would be on the technology front. Automation is the real challenge for HR since the bet is to enhance the skills of HR to make them Pro in technology.

Writing a letter for 7 days of leave is a tedious job, now an employee can just press a button on the phone fill in all details and send to HR automatically to process the leave. Whether the HR accepts or rejects the leave is also automated and HR can just press a button on the phone or laptop to accept or reject. The acceptance or rejection reaches the employee email automatically. Often ignored but the most beneficial trend of getting data is to analyse it in a form that HR can take proper benefit. Analytics like How many employees are in the office? What time usually the employees usually check-in? How long do they work? And everything can be automated and presented in the form of analytics with automated decisions that nourish the growth of HR.

Diversification of the workforce

The trend has been for real since past a decade but now brands are more and more aware and are focusing on diversity of the workforce. When I say diversification, I imagine that habitants of the company will be diverse in terms of time, on payroll, off payroll, third party vendors, remote employees, consultants. Because more has to be done and as an HR you want all to “Fall in Love” with your Brand.    

Technology Innovation

HR department “has to” accept the technology, that includes connected devices, AI, ML and makes intelligent decisions to enhance overall functioning of HR. It would be crucial via technology for HR to determine whether people are happy when they Check-in with boring Biometric Machine or RFID readers. Technology will also help make it very easy for an HR to improve the overall growth of the business.

Employee Engagement

“Fall-in-Love” yes, as an HR you always want to have that emotional connection of your employees with your company. You know engaging with the employees by HR gives that extra personal and human touch that keeps an employee inspired to work even in the adverse condition. Morals are always boosted by HR who continuously support and nurture them so they never feel negative in any situation. 

More and More HR are adopting the model of employee engagement. Hence, care for employees by HR is now more and more deeper. Many of the HR leaders in my network always want their employees to feel the freedom, to feel that they are appreciated and the company owes a lot to them. 

Mobile devices, Smart wearables are the next big shift that shall be leveraged by HR to make the workplace smarter and happier.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Technology has reshaped the entire HR department and has helped the HR to foster the work and make business more profitable. Right from finding that “right” talent to onboarding and finally off boarding the employee, the entire process including attendance that directly gets to payroll has to be automated. Technology like Connected devices, IoT, AI, ML and Big data will nourish an HR and grow the entire HR department.

Reskilling HR

HR was a manual task that included paper based employment application, to developing process, designing favourable policies, to now a Strategic and technical partner to the CEO and Board of Directors. HR has been neglected both by employees and by CEOs, but now their presence is even more significant. The “Round Table” need them to bring business perspective keeping in mind the interest of employees as well. Hence HR is not just another position rather it is a leadership position, a position that holds emotion like a mother. HR business professionals also need to be technology skilled so they have create the change that takes the company forward.