Top HR Trends 2020 | HR Top Trends 2020

Okay! 2020 has opened a new door for HR department functioned until now. Hence, let me share some top trends in HR that will impact HR department and every HR meeting, and do share the secrect HR sauce :).

These top HR trends is a good way for Human Resources business professionals, Hiring Managers, and Global HR leaders to bring the revolution in HR department. Now we are in the era of Glocalization that means Globalisation where localization is the new trens in HR. Thus now HR would navigate teams making them real winners. 

Data-Driven HR

HR usually has a large pile of data inlcuding resumes, recruitment profiling, salary slips, employee leaves, employee attendance and KPI’s. Analysis of data intelligently can accurately predict decisions on hirings and promotions without prejudice. Thus HR will now suffer less with confusion on data ultimately making an HR more productive and the workplace smarter. In 2020, a hardware device that communicates directly with the software providing AI-driven solutions reinvent the entire HR process across industries including Insurance, Coworking, Real estate, Banking, manufacturing units, and more. Such an extensive technology will have a lot of advantages.An automated assistant that we all know are Chatbots. These are unconventional till now in HR but 2020 would change every HR department to help HR save cost, time and money. As chatbots will answer FAQ automatically to the candidates. Screening a large pool of applicants usually eats up a lot of time of an HR thus becoming a complex and frustrating task. However automated decision models will assist HR to filter resumes and pre-screen candidates based on the Job description and skills. Thus the HR department will move towards an unbiased approach in hiring decisions. Since AI, ML decision model will help HR in unbiased screening,the quality of hires will become better and organizations would employ more productive employees this year. 

Analysis of Data will be an every adopting model for HR departments to make decisions better for HR.  HR professionals can attract and retain best talent with automated data decision models. This technology will boost HR with infinite possibilities in identifying trends and patterns on employee productivity, employee attendance, leave frequency, and employee performance KPIs. Data analytics with a good decision model will change the HR department forever. 

A Happy HR & HR Process Improvement

HR is now becoming a Happy and an inclusive movement. While one can never undermine the improvement of the process, but often it lacks clarification for employees on the benefits HR process improvement gives them. Organizational Focus approach in making tech better often lowers the morale of employees since usually all the technologies that are presented in the conferences or otherwise are presented by a small tweak in the technology or solutions. Almost all technologies are “state-of-the-art” but hardly benefits HR, Managers and employees. Thus usually employees undermine the efforts of HR and blame them.  

Ideal structure is to never over-promise and under-deliver. The best technology is the one where all stakeholders top management, HR and employees are happy and honest. Inclusivity is not only about lowering the gap between men and women but also about respecting and giving equal work opportunity to all irrespective of their religion, culture, race, language, state of health and more.

If you look at the history of mankind The greatest innovation in the history of mankind was made possible by the team of diverse people coming from different cultures, speaking multiple languages, belonging to different sex and races. Exclusivity only reduces human potential, hence ALL IN! Many of my Global HR leader friends have followed the approach and they have seen tremendous growth in employees as well as in the business of the corporate they serve. Leadership teams also learn like employees and hence due to busy schedules they are unaware of what’s going inside the teams? Here, HR plays a crucial role. A role in leading the leadership team to create a management that help foster the growth of each and every employee.

Change will always start at top and HR has to lead the leadership by example. As an instance, I always ask my managers to keep me updated who is unhappy to work with us and why? Some answers are prejudiced and some are without prejudice, but what matters at the end of the day for the HR is the right feedback it can give to the top management that help them navigate business in the best interest of the company. The trend has been for real since past a decade but now brands are more and more aware and are focusing on diversity of the workforce. When I say diversification, I imagine that habitants of the company will be diverse in terms of time, on payroll, off payroll, third party vendors, remote employees, consultants. Because more has to be done and as an HR you want all to “Fall in Love” with your Brand.  

Automation in HR

Customer Service, IT management, Food delivery wildly employee Chatbots. In 2020 HR will employ Chatbots to on-board employees, and assist employees with questions or concerns regarding payslips, compensation, and/or anything that an HR deem fit. Such Chat bots will reduce the burden on HR and thus will boost productivity of employees and HR leading to a better culture within the organization. Chatbots will ultimately make businesses more profitable. Much of the process in the HR department in 2020 will be driven by connected offices and automation via IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data. Employees easily bypass the Biometric Attendance Management System and RFID access control system thus always leading to unpredictable and wrong results, lowering productivity of HR leading to more work in HR departments. The best option for HR business professionals is to move forward with more advanced technologies that give seamless results. 

Smartphones and Laptops have already revolutionized the computing world. Punching attendance via in accurate biometric or easily cloned RFID card systems will be completely eliminated and HR will move to punching attendance via tap of the phones. This will give HR accurate results. 

HR always does work with good faith, however many times, employees doubt their intention. The analytical tools that track employees go to an extent on pointing out smaller and smaller mistakes, thus it creates a feeling of lack of trust. Employee morale is degraded, performance is poor, thus ultimately loss to the company. Employee inclusive approach is more beneficial and hence telling them why adopting this process benefits them and the entire company. Automation will no longer be restricted to production in the manufacturing units, rather this is the future of HR. The biggest change in HR would be on the technology front. Automation is the real challenge for HR since the bet is to enhance the skills of HR to make them Pro in technology.

Writing a letter for 7 days of leave is a tedious job, now an employee can just press a button on the phone fill in all details and send to HR automatically to process the leave. Whether the HR accepts or rejects the leave is also automated and HR can just press a button on the phone or laptop to accept or reject. The acceptance or rejection reaches the employee email automatically.