Top Facility Management Trends | Facility Management Top Trends

Flourishing economy, trending technology and Globalisation with a local touch are bringing the revolution in the Facility Management Service. These growth trends in Facility management is an inspiration to watch out for Facility Management companies. Thus an year of Structure Facility Management is here. However, can we make facility management more and more structured? Facility management is always impacted a lot of external factors as a big chuk of facility management is outsourced. But what does Facility management in 2020 holds for all the stake holders? Let us look at some of the trends. 


Human Experience 

Personal touch is an experience for emerging markets to transform the way the Facility management industry treats its customers, clients, employees and all stake holders. Every business client caters to the requirement of its employees and hence the expectations of clients and users are getting more and more personalised. Hence facility management companies are now expected to cater to the personalization of the client more and more. It is this trend in facility management that now more workforce is  employed by the Facility Management companies to meet client's expectation. Employee engagement, employee experience and retention has fostered the need to focus on workplace experience and hence Facility Management is more demanding then ever.  Work of a facility management company is more relevant in this era of complicated machines and newer and more complex infrastructure. Hence, facility management is way more important than one thinks. As a company grows it always brings change in Facility Management. A lot of factors govern those changes in Facility management be it a new client, a new employee or any other external factors.


Sustainability solutions in facility management will be really a tought challenge to solve for the facility management service providers due to higher demand in meeting the green initiatives. Across the word reducing carbon footprint and energy saving is a top priority for Facility Management service providers to handle global warming and hence facility management service companies would now be required to handhold their clients in restructuring the real estate infrastructure. Building design, management and maintenance will have severe consequences for the facility management service industry that would also impact the technology they employ for all the services.

Economic Growth & Facility Management 

Facility management growth is directly proportional to the growth of real estate. Hence it is safer to analyse that emerging markets specially Asia and SouthEast Asia will play a crucial role in the growth of Facility management services. Growing market means growing competition and newer and newer facility management service companies keep adding to the pool of existing Facility Management service companies, hence how the facility management companies differentiates from the competition will determine how well you do in the market. Attracting, Hiring and retaining the best talent as a part of the workforce will be an ever growing challenge in the emerging markets such as South East Asia and India. In India the generation gap is evident and catering the requirement of all different generations in the Facility Management services will be a trend to watch out for.

Facility management service can never grow without any adopting revolutionarizing technologies. Intelligent Attendance systems, Smart Access control systems, Cleaning Robots, Smart Surveillance would see revolution in the upcoming years. Hence, the Facility Management Service Industry has to get ready and adopt new technologies. These new technologies will increase the budget, and lower the labour cost.