The Language of Luxury Building: Integrated Digital Facility Management

Technology tools must speak the language of luxury real estate, the luxury is always on mute. To unmute the language of luxury real estate / luxury buildings, the tools & technologies at luxury properties should interact & speak up the same language as that of luxury real estate and that’s only achievable if and only if technology tools are designed to “feel” the luxury. 


However, yet you won’t achieve success, to let patrons feel the end-to-end luxury of your premium office building, we must connect all visitor touch points and that would mean:


E-checklist (s) talking to parking system, parking system talking to visitor management, visitor management talking to turnstile, turnstile talking to elevators, elevators talking to Human resource management system, Human resource management systems talking to sensors, sensors talking to washrooms, and washrooms talking to site procurement systems and finally all technology systems talking to each other under one common Web Application.

Language of Luxury building is about interior and exterior but now it is also about the tools and technology at your site that communicate with every visitor that flows through your luxury building.