The Language of Luxury Building: Integrated Connected Facility Management

Technology has been so boring, ask your employees, your front office, your visitors, your security marshals, your Housekeeping staff and every human being in your luxury building whether they love interacting with the tools and technologies or not? Most of them will say they hate it? If you dig deeper and investigate further you will realise that the tools and technologies with which patrons interact are never designed keeping in mind all the stakeholder and hence it is difficult for them to bear the technology. 


To unmute the language of luxury real estate / luxury buildings, the tools & technologies at luxury properties should interact & speak up the same language as that of luxury real estate and that’s only achievable if and only if technology tools are designed to “feel” the luxury. 


However, yet you have to let patrons feel the end-to-end luxury of your premium office building, we must connect all people flow touch points.