The dangers of Facial Biometric system

Are you sure that the developer of the facial biometric machines won’t collect your facial data for malicious intent? If you don’t have any answers, then keep reading because this blog will make you think, the dangers of facial recognition systems. 


There’s a need to take a tougher stance on facial recognition technologies.


Your Phone may still be in a pocket, but a face is always exposed, and recognition is very easy, that means your privacy won’t be a fundamental human right. And using the facial biometric attendance in your day to day life is more threatening than you think. Hold onto your nerves, while I take you through the dangers of facial recognition systems. 


The exploitation of facial recognition data has far more serious consequences since your facial biometric data is irrevocable.


Well, if your password is compromised, you can just reset the password. If that situation occurs with your face or fingerprint, my dear you will lose more and its impact will be more harmful. Unfortunately, you can’t change your face like you can change a password. Hence, Facial biometric authentication is more and more dangerous for users than using a traditional password.


The fear and the ever increasing fear for you is how easy it is to collect and harvest your facial biometric data.


The concept of data privacy is gaining ground in India, and more and more users are not willing to trade privacy for convenience or entertainment. San Francisco has banned facial recognition as it is psychologically unhealthy that you are being watched all the time. European Union is thinking to ban facial recognition systems. Oakland, California, and Somerville are other cities to ban facial recognition systems.


Facial recognition attendance system and Facial recognition technology violates your fundamental human right.