Surakshit Office Wapsi india

Surakshit Office Wapsi s ain’t easy. Getting back can’t be done in a single step, but meeting employee expectations and understanding the workplace guideline is the very first step.

Employee apprehension won’t cease to exist with the सुरक्षित Office वापसी orders, rather those will surge. Addressing the apprehension by communicating new policies and channels of communication will improve employee experience. 

Building a phase wise return plan as per the teams / departments after crunching the right numbers would be a more effective methodology. Give space & time to employees by communicating the phase wise return plan. However, during this time, be highly compassionate and discuss with internal stakeholders and support them during this transition. 

Be ready to handle the difference and dispute arising between the stakeholders. While many employees will be excited to come सुरक्षित Office वापसी immediately, however, this may not be the case with few other employees. Specially discuss the health concerns of high risk employees even if they are vaccinated with double doses of Covid-19 vaccination. 

Most importantly, be open to amend the plans as per the local rules and regulations in accordance with change in virus pattern.