Surakshit Office Wapsi ideas

With mass vaccination and ease in lockdown restrictions, workers have been informed that ‘सुरक्षित Office वापसी’ is coming in the next quarter. HR experts and Facility Management experts are predicting that employees will start coming सुरक्षित Office वापसीs as early as from August 2021, however companies will have to watch out for the third wave and should rely on information from local authorities.

Companies should release guidelines for office-based workplaces with the following:

  • Contactless Visitor Management System, not the typical touch screen based attendance system shall be adopted immediately to avoid the spread of infection from human hands.

  • Contactless Attendance System that’s designed in India and made in India. Avoid Facial Recognition because that steals employee identity. 

  • Hot Desking system. Employees book a desk while sitting at home for the next day when they सुरक्षित Office वापसी. 

  • Sensitizing increased handwashing, surface cleaning and social distancing inside the offices. 

  • Inform your employees to not come to offices and take responsibility for isolation if they develop symptoms or fever. 

  • Start with 25% occupancy for three months, increase it to 50% and slowly in a year make it 100% work from the office. 

Masking-up, Technology Tools that support social distancing, would help in setting up a smooth transition into work from office, keeping in mind the local rules and regulations.