Sign-in Kiosk and Tab based Visitor Management system can be hacked!

A finding published by IBM on vulnerabilities in five “visitor management systems” the digital sign-in portals that often greet you at businesses and facilities can be easily hacked and steal your visitors data. Companies purchase visitor management systems and install them on PCs or mobile devices such as tablets. But X-Force interns Hannah Robbins and Scott Brink found flaws—now mostly patched—in all five mainstream systems they looked at from the visitor management companies. Possible an attacker could have riped you off you data if If you had signed in on one of these visitor management system. 

But whom to blame? Partly it is the visitor management systems who is allowing such practices. It is fairly easy for a hacker to install a USB stick in the visitor mamanegement system to extract the data or infact install a malware for remote access. An attacker can quickly gain control by windows keyboard shortcuts. Potentially one can stand at the visitor management systems sign-in kiosk for a few minutes without attracting any suspicion.

The full story can be read at The Wired.

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