'Return to Office': How traditional offices will survive Covid-19 pandemic

Coronavirus engulfed the country like a wildfire and almost shut the traditional office space. Would traditional office spaces survive the pandemic? These questions motivated and inspired us to survey employees on their learnings and experiences of working from home. Let me walk you over through our findings and whether traditional offices will die or survive. 


INCUBSENCE has been doing extensive research on how negatively work from home is impacting the daily lives of employees. 

  • 71% of employees in our survey agreed that while working from home, if anything happens to the machine or to the internet or to their mental state, they become their own HR & IT guy. 

  • When asked by the participant whether video conferencing has the ability to replace in-person office interactions, 79% voted in the favour of in-person office interactions. 

  • 54% employees said that they have lost the sense of being the “part” of the organization they work for. 

  • We further asked employees if they would want to commute to offices after two doses of covid-19 vaccination, a total of 51% employees showed interest in going back to office.  

  • When asked whether work from home replaces an office, 75% of employees voted against the work from home. 


Clearly, our surveys reflect that Covid-19 won’t kill the traditional office spaces. Lavish interiors, and fancy company perks, the millennials have been tremendously benefited from office spaces. Such a luxury is not available while you work from home.  


However, companies should prepare themselves before starting working from the office, in order to ensure covid-19 reinfection never occurs in the offices. Here are top tips to consider before you reopen your offices and welcome the employees:

  1. Contactless Visitor Management System, not the typical touch screen based attendance system shall be adopted immediately to avoid the spread of infection from human hands.

  2. Contactless Attendance System that’s designed in India and made in India. Avoid Facial Recognition because that steals employee identity. 

  3. Hot Desking system. Employees book a desk while sitting at home for the next day when they return to office. 

  4. Sensitizing increased handwashing, surface cleaning and social distancing inside the offices. 

  5. Inform your employees to not come to offices and take responsibility for isolation if they develop symptoms or fever. 

  6. Start with 25% occupancy for three months, increase it to 50% and slowly in a year make it 100% work from the office. 


Technology tools that aid in the successful restructuring of a post-pandemic workplace shall be considered strongly so that offices become safer and employees can work without hesitancy. This virus can never destroy the traditional office space; rather it will restructure the way we work.



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