'Return to Office': Colleagues, Culture & Collaboration

It’s a straight no, work from home together with the fear of Covid-19 infection / re-infection will not eat traditional offices. The concept office is the most basic concept that drives colleagues to bring in the culture of collaboration so that workplace productivity is boosted and people feel the “part” of a culture that will take the human race forward. 

Some people were advocating the end of traditional office space by breaking their vocal cords but their advocacy is far from the truth and comes from the misunderstanding or rather lack of understanding of the traditional offices. 

How well an economy performs is the direct result of how well commercial real estate performs in any country. If the economy falls, jobs fall too, leading to the reduction in the requirement of an office space since corporations go into a cash saving mode. 

Work from home has been deemed as success and thus many hailed work from home as the end of traditional office spaces. Work from home can never be stated to be the start point of end of traditional office spaces. However, the return of traditional office spaces is a factor that depends on cash reserves, technology, availability of mass vaccination, productivity, and returns on investment. 

Businesses hail return to office as the best way to create a culture of collaboration that boosts productivity at a faster speed. Traditional offices also help corporations to engage employees and build a stronger technical brand. 

On the other hand, traditional office spaces are seen by employees as a way to interact with colleagues, solve complex problems together and wind up as a victor. In-person meetings will overpower technology collaboration tools that bring in video conferencing fatigue. 

INCUBSENCE has been doing extensive research on how negatively work from home is impacting the daily lives of employees. 71% of employees in our survey agreed that while working from home, if anything happens to the machine or to the internet or to their mental state, they become their own HR & IT guy. When asked by the participant whether video conferencing has the ability to replace in-person office interactions, 79% voted in the favour of in-person office interactions. 54% employees said that they have lost the sense of being the “part” of the organization they work for. We further asked employees if they would want to commute to offices after two doses of covid-19 vaccination, a total of 51% employees showed interest in going back to office.  When asked whether work from home replaces an office, 75% of employees voted against the work from home. 

Moreover, the employees served as the backbone of the business done by cafes and restaurants. In the absence of a traditional office, the workforce of those cafes and restaurants will become jobless as all these cafes and restaurants will go bankrupt. Hence, economic growth will halt. 

Technology will drive workforce back to office with the concept of hot desking, contactless attendance machines, in-house transport management, contactless visitor management, among many others so that corporations can restructure their post pandemic workplace following the local guidelines and covid-19 appropriate behaviour. 

The economy is already in shock due to Covid-19 and more shocks will be catastrophic for our nation. Hence in the long run, traditional offices will win over work from home. Believe it or not, the future of work is not remote.


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