Restructuring Post Pandemic workplace: The end of Work from Home: Surakshit Office Wapsi

Who won’t miss those office happy hours when you walk in at 9 AM to find an excited face ready to boost productivity. Workplace collaboration certainly boosts morale and causes a surge in economic prosperity. 

India is missing the Chai and Samosa at the workplace, the canteen is missing those laughter and photocopier machines are feeling too lonely. Of Course I miss my workplace and exactly after the second dose and as per local rules and regulations, although traveling to the workplace is sometimes tiring but my workforce morale is an energy booster. 

For the economy to come back fully, we need to spend. The luxury urban office lifestyle has central lunch places & those places can be brought back to business if India returns to office. Moreover, we had enough of video conferencing meetings with team members & fatigue has set in, it is advised to meet the coworkers in person. Video conferencing is lazy & boring & is not real. Work from home is adding anxiety, depression & people are complaining about stress.