Restructuring Post Pandemic workplace : Surakshit Office Wapsi

Economy has contracted but it can be brought to a state of ultimate prosperity. To boost the economy and create more job opportunities, companies will be bringing workers back to the workplace. When one travels to the workplace, “spend” happens. Some companies may operate a full traditional office, some may go for a full remote and many will go for a hybrid model workplace. 

Office collaboration has to go high, work from home did bring drastic improvements in collaboration tools but in-person meeting experience skyrocket the productivity and efficiency is polished up. 

It’s fine to assume that work is the only way to employee engagement; however, employees now demand more than work, and that’s precisely what collaboration brings in. Companies have to make employees understand what “value” सुरक्षित Office वापसी brings in. You can’t create a culture of collaboration in a remote setup. Workplace collaboration has to be deeply rooted in the workplace culture and other productivity is shattered, so remote work would reduce company turnover when you compare the results with employees working out of traditional offices.