Restructuring Post Pandemic workplace: Is Work from Home over? : Surakshit Office Wapsi

15+ Months into Work from home, and employees are now high on emotions with the announcement of workplace re-opening on account of faster vaccination in India and ease in the lockdown restrictions. Companies are vaccinating employees at a faster pace, pushing the discussion on reopening of the workplace at a greater speed. Thus, work from home will go in a cold bag & cause a reboot in the office culture. 

We need to understand that Work From Home makes an employee at home her own HR, and IT guy but if you are in the office, and the machine goes down one can easily call the IT guy. Moreover, with limited internet bandwidth if School from Home, Work From Home is executed together, the work productivity is shattered as more concentration goes into fixing the internet. Fixing technical issues at home sucks the energy out of an employee. 

Moreover, culture at home is not designed to support the work by default. Many employees complain that families do not take them seriously and ask them to go out and buy vegetables to prepare the meal for the day. It causes a lot of interruptions. 

Additionally, work from home lacks fixed timings. At work from home, the working hours start from early morning and go till late night. The definition of “breaks”, “work off”, “time off” does not exist in the Work from home, while if an employee goes to office, starts the day at 11 AM, she can clock out at 7 PM. Thus one can spend time with family and friends.

There is no harm in accepting that home furniture is not designed to work. Majority of people still lack a work desk at home. Workers have to either sit on the couch or on the bed for hours and hours thus a bad body posture is causing a deterioration in their health. Offices on the other hand have the right tools and a work desk helps in a good body posture.