Problems in an app tablet pc based visitor management system for visitor check-in

Hey I recently checked in to a meeting with my business associate and guess what? I was surprised when Guard told me to type my details on a tab and share my Govt. approved ID card with my own picture. Man, it was so easy and flawless. You should get this visitor management system for your business too, Anuj.

This is what my friend told me about a Cloud based Visitor Management system she checked-in for her meeting at one of the CoWorking Space in Delhi. Though I respected what she told me, but I was baffled. I realized, she lacks knowledge about data privacy. How easily can she share her picture, name, contact number, aadhar card details and meeting purpose with a solution provider sharing his sensitive information with a third party server based outside of India just for the visitor management system. 

Ofcourse, being non-technical she was unaware. I asked her:

  1. Can you share your picture with a bystander?
  2. Is she comfortable sharing her contact number with a stranger?
  3. Can she ever share her aadhar card details with anyone?

She of course, said she will never ever share all with strangers or bystanders! Then Why did she share similar data with third party for visitor check-in? She was in a moment of Shock!

One piece of advice for you, my reader, Think before you Check-In to a Workspace for a meeting with an access to App based visitor management system because you are letting data centers outside India who you meet and why you meet?

Flourish and Prosper.

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