Private Security Guards of India, Mantoo Kumar, Raju Singh, and countless others: You are our own India's Private Chowkidars

Driving through the lanes of Connaught place and reaching to my office in Aerocity, Delhi near Indira Gandhi International Airport, the security guard Surendar Yadav (name changed) greets me and ask to put windows down. Then another security guard Raju Gupta speaks सर गाड़ी की डिक्की और बॉनेट खोल दो (Sir, open the car's dikki and bonnet) for checking. 

Once the entire team of three to four private security guards check the entire car in and out, only then they allow us to park in the basement. A ritual in my daily office lifestyle and guess what? now, it is a ritual for me. 

Then you meet Biswas Kumar with a nostalgic smile, greeting as always, politely asking to get the bags scanned. He is so kind and caring that he make sure, none of the bag drop on the surface while I am being frisked. People ask hey you are the Boss, why they frisk you? I always say "Being the boss is neither my right, nor a priviledged, it is a responsbility." I am responsibile first for my behavior towards these Chowkidar men's and women who guard us, despite long working hours. These chowkidars or private security guards are doing me a favour by taking away my anxiety, insecurity and making sure I work in a calm and composed environment. Hence, the best I can do is to cooperate with these chowkidars or security guards. 

Chowkidars or security guards are usually under-paid merely earning 8,000 to 15,000 per month, standing for 8 hours and working in double shifts. These Chowkidars or security guards when working in double shift end up working 16 to 20 hours in a day. Mostly these security guards are young men or women coming from villages in search of a job that can help them feed their families and meet ends. Our chowkidars and private security guards lives in poor conditions, at times 10-15 security lives in a tiny room sharing washrooms. 

Unfortunately, in the quest of living a fancy urban office life style, most of us never offer them water, umbrella, computers so infact, chowkidars or security guards can also work under good working condition. The news of a woman slapping security guard or chowkidars because she was not allowed to get inside, to a man shouting on chowkidars or security guards because he was questioned to open bag to check his luggage is so common. We often, forget that these people are working under harsh condition, forcing them to feel devasted from their life as a chowkidar or security guard. 

Imagine, if security guards or chowkidars stop working, are you safe enough? So, start respecting the security guards or chowkidars and smile whenever you see security guards or chowkidars. Because if these security guards or chowkidars won't guard you, then who will?


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