Is Integrated Connected Facility Management the queen of the Future?

We have to reshape luxury buildings into intelligent luxury buildings. Gone are the days of Smart Building (which were never smart), the future is intelligent luxury buildings. 


Bringing all contracts under one roof with a single point of contact gave rise to the new phenomenon that is widely known as Integrated Facility Management Services but here is a catch, even those Integrated Facility Management Service providers are managing myriad technology contractors. 


So what is happening? E-checklist (s) is not talking to parking system, parking system is not talking to visitor management, visitor management is not talking to turnstile, turnstile is not talking to elevators, elevators are not talking to Human resource management system, Human resource management systems are not taking to sensors, sensors are not talking to washrooms, and washrooms are not talking to site procurement systems. 


One technology vendor that connects all touch points all together using its technology should be hired to transform Integrated Facility Management into Integrated Connected Facility Management.