Is Digital Facility Management the future of Facility Management?

Communication by it’s very virtue is powerful and solves all the problems or complexities, however, Facility management until now is all alone, all it’s functions  / units are not talking to each other resulting purely in higher cost, lower productivity and unsatisfied clients and not so happy tenants. 

We have to connect all the touch points and for that to really happen integrated Facility Management needs to be reshaped into a Connected Facility Management.

e-checklist(s) should talk to:

  • The Parking Management

  • Visitor Management 

  • Human Resource Management

  • Turnstile & Elevators 

  • All Checklists 

  • All Sensors 

  • Washroom Intelligence

  • Site Procurement

Otherwise Integrated Facility Management System can never be Integrated Digital Facility Management System.