Integrated Connected Facility Management: The Queen of the Future of Facility Management

So what is happening? E-checklist (s) is not talking to parking system, parking system is not talking to visitor management, visitor management is not talking to turnstile, turnstile is not talking to elevators, elevators are not talking to Human resource management system, Human resource management systems are not taking to sensors, sensors are not talking to washrooms, and washrooms are not talking to site procurement systems. 

Integrated Facility Management System can only sustain if we connect all the touch points together and allow all the touch points to talk to each other, brewing the data into more stronger decision making so it has been made Integrated Connected Facility Management System. 

e-checklist(s) should talk to:


  • The Parking Management

  • Visitor Management 

  • Human Resource Management

  • Turnstile & Elevators 

  • All Checklists 

  • All Sensors 

  • Washroom Intelligence

  • Site Procurement

Otherwise Integrated Facility Management System can never be Integrated Connected Facility Management System.