Integrated Connected Facility Management

No one survives alone and the future is clearly Integrated Connected Facility Management. An integrated Facility Management when united with Connected Facility Management is known as Integrated Connected Facility Management (ICFM)


Well, you know during the phase of Integrated Facility Management all the different contracts and vendors were brought under one umbrella with a single point of contact however, that yet could not solve the not-so-great technology experience when visitors interact with the technology tools at luxury buildings. 


The problem is checklist(s) are together not talking to:


  • The Parking Management

  • Visitor Management 

  • Human Resource Management

  • Turnstile & Elevators 

  • All Checklists 

  • All Sensors 

  • Washroom Intelligence

  • Site Procurement


Until the heart of any facility management or the back of the house are not connected and are not speaking to each other, how can one make the client’s luxury building intelligent? First we have to understand and make facility management services intelligent and then only luxury buildings could be made intelligent. So let the checklist(s) become e-checklist that speaks with The Parking Management, Visitor Management, Turnstile & Elevators, Human Resource Management, All Checklists, All Sensors, Washroom Intelligence, Site Procurement.