India Independence Day 2019: 73rd Independence Day of India: India. Bharat. Hindustan
Some call it Bharat, some say India and some say Hindustan but one thing is common when we think about it. We preach and treat our country India as Mother. Yes, Mother India that's what we Indians always call our land. India is home to Nine recognised religions, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism. Zoroastrianism, Judaism and the Baha'i Faith. India is multilingual and culturaly so versatile. Although, 22 languages are officially recognized in India, 1652 mother tongues exist in India but in terms of speaking population only 150 languages have sizeable speaking population. Some of the Incredible languages recognized by Constitution of India are:

1. Assamese.

2. Bengali.

3. Bodo.

4. Dogri.

5. Gujarati.

6. Hindi.

7. Kannada.

8. Kashmiri.

9. Konkani.

10. Maithili.

11. Malayalam.

12. Manipuri.

13. Marathi.

14. Nepali.

15. Odia

16. Punjabi.

17. Sanskrit.

18. Santhali.

19. Sindhi.

20. Tamil.

21. Telugu.

22. Urdu.

कोस कोस पर बदले पानी , चार कोस पर वाणी।

Independence Day 2019

Some more facts about India

  • The Kumbh Mela organized in 2011 was world's biggest spiritual gathering with approximately 75 million devotees in attendance.
  • India inveted the mind blowing Chess. 
  • India is the only country to reach Mars on the very first attempt with the least amount of money spent.
  • India has world's third largest military force
  • In 2018, approximately 50,000 startups came to existence in India


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