INCUBSENCE ft. Rameez Rashi Khan from Miami Art School, Florida


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We at INCUBSENCE design world’s most intense innovative yet cool products. The products together with Hardware, Mobile Application and Web Application creates a sense of gratitude towards the society. Just like our Hardware and Software, it is our responsibility that INCUBSENCE teams jointly bring this change for a better and an easy world for your visitors. This might look obvious to all of us but no one has solved access like IncubXS.

This differentiate IncubXS and IncubXS becomes a signal over the noise. That means Hardware team easily works with Application team to build crazy stuff. So that when your clients tap on IncubXS, it creates a hospitality environment that gets your deals done on the snap of fingers.



Rameez Rashid Khan is INCUBSENCE’s Senior Vice President, Marketing Communications and also serves as an executive member, reporting to CEO Diksha Deo. As the Senior Vice President, Marketing Communications, Rameez’s creativity and vision bring to life INCUBSENCE’s services and products.

Rameez leads a growing team that identifies, creates and produces content for consumer activations, red carpet premieres, live events, creative spaces, live content and hospitality spaces. He also oversees content for social media, short-form content, photography, podcast production, streaming and live content, and post-production capabilities.

Under Rameez’s leadership, the Events and Content team supports video production across INCUBSENCE Services such as IncubXSशक्ति, INCUBSENCE Pay to support INCUBSENCE’s business goals. Rameez as a passionate storyteller, drive a quick moving environment, and leads by example.